An article about the LifeTrain Initiative is published in the March-issue of the IFAPP-Newsletter.

It is a great achievement to see that most of the professional bodies have started to actively communicate within their networks about the LifeTrain Initiative and the First LifeTrain Meeting.

Dr Domenico Criscuolo, who participated in the seminal LifeTrain Meeting in Manchester in October 2011, wrote a very comprehensive article for the IFAPP-Newsletter "IFAPP World" (International Federation of Associations of Pharmaceutical Physicians).

This three and a half pages long article includes information on the First LifeTrain Meeting, Lifelong Learning and the Common Framework for Continous Professional Development in Medicines Research and Development, as well as on IMI and the Education & Training projects.

Take a look at the whole article in "IFAPP World" (page 13-16): "LifeTrain for a Lifelong Learning"

Stay tuned to hear about the upcoming LifeTrain activities!