To efficiently manage and to coordinate the activities of work packages in EMTRAIN through the activity of the Project Office (based at the Medizinische Universitaet Wien) including workflow and budget; to ensure timely release of deliverables.

WP Leader: MUW and AstraZeneca

Coordinating Persons


hardman_mikeWork Package Co-Leader
Mike HardmanAstraZeneca

The WP2 will deliver strategic documents regarding the planning, development, implementation and extension of the platform, and adapt those to emerging concepts and techniques, to the evaluations and to the requirements of the quality assurance system. It will act as the secretariat of the Strategic Coordination Board, thereby taking into account the needs of the other IMI E&T Topics. It will take advantage of the activity of the Managing Coordination Board, providing input on ongoing activities and needs within the work packages, and consider input given by the Network Committee and the External Advisory Board, with the support of the mapping developed by WP3.

WP Leader: ECRIN (INSERM) and AstraZeneca

Coordinating Persons

blaskogyorgy 100-100 Work Package Leader
Gyorgy Blasko
University of Debrecen

demotes_jacquesWork Package Leader
Jacques Demotes-Mainard INSERM, ECRIN Coordinator

hardman_mikeWork Package Co-Leader
Mike Hardman, AstraZeneca

Develop a platform for harmonisation and accreditation for Education and Training programmes supported by the Bologna Process by which the European Higher Education Area will be established in 2010. Extension and harmonisation of educational and training programmes (WP5-7) within the European countries and harmonisation of programmes between private and public partners. National implementation of developed programmes (WP5-7) will allow sustainability of the project.

WP4 was merged with WP7 in 2011 to develop the LifeTrain framework (

WP Leader: ECRIN (Karolinska University Hospital), INSTRUCT (University of Oxford), Lundbeck and Bayer Schering

Coordinating Persons

lafoliepierre Work Package Leader
Pierre Lafolie , Head of Karolinska Trial Alliance

wolf_seeWork Package Co-Leader
Wolf See,
Bayer HealthCare 

WP3 objectives are the management of tools for the mapping work to be undertaken by WPs 5-8 and the management of a “gap team” that makes recommendations based on comparative analysis of gaps identified by WPs 5-8. These tools and the gap team will also be made available for the other IMI E&T topics.

WP Leader: Boehringer Ingelheim and BBMRI (University of Manchester)

Coordinating Persons

clairejohnson100Work Package Co-Leader
Claire JohnsonEMBL-EBI, ELIXIR

The Objectives of WP5 are concerned with higher education to the Master’s degree level. WP5 will identify, catalogue and prioritise relevant programmes in European centres of excellence, compare their content with IMI E&T standards, develop and elicit new content in conjunction with other E&T Topics (current and/or future) and make recommendations based on this work.

WP Leader: BBMRI (University of Manchester), Infrafrontier (GIE-CERBM) and Roche

Coordinating Persons


Completion status

Work Package 1
Deadline: 30.Sep.2016