emtrain_logoEMTRAIN will establish a pan-European platform for education and training covering the whole lifecycle of medicines from basic research through clinical development to pharmaco-vigilance. The public consortium consists of the six pan-European biomedical research infrastructures from the ESFRI roadmap, that cover a broad spectrum of competencies from molecules to humans, with a pan-European dimension. The EFPIA consortium has considerable experience in training and education, management, pan-European geographical outreach, and an extensive external network of contacts.

imi_logoThe EMTRAIN participants, together with the coordinators of IMI E&T topics, will participate in the Strategic Co-ordination Board to ensure coordination between the IMI E&T topics, whereas the Steering Committee will supervise the management of the project. E&T topics representatives will be invited to participate in work packages activities. Based on extensive mapping of existing resources and on a gap and overlap analysis (WP3), the consortium will develop and implement a strategy (WP2) for harmonisation and accreditation (WP4) of Master level (WP5) and PhD programmes (WP6), as well as continuous education programmes (WP7). It will develop innovative concepts and methods in conjunction with the other IMI E&T topics (WP8) that will support the content for the IMI education programmes.

National implementation will be facilitated through contacts with university authorities, ministries of higher education, and through national liaison offices. After implementation in a core group of institutions, extension is planned both within countries represented in EMTRAIN and in additional countries (WP4), with the support of a dissemination and communication activity (WP9). The harmonisation and the modular nature of these programmes will allow trans-disciplinary curricula as well as trans-border mobility, and PhD programmes will be designed to foster industry/academia mobility and collaboration.

Since July 2014, EMTRAIN, together with the IMI-funded projects Eu2P, PharmaTrain and SafeSciMET, is part of imi-train, the new umbrella education and training project funded by IMI.

EMTRAIN full proposal preparation meeting

Completion status

Work Package 1
Deadline: 30.Sep.2016