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What's new in this month's edition:
  • We are trying to forecast the 'no. of entered courses' till end of the year.
  • The graphs related to distance learning and on-course PhD statistics have been presented.
  • You find here information on on-course app update.
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  • Tony Payton (University of Manchester) UK
  • Pavel Dallakian (Medical University of Vienna) Austria
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statistics ON-COURSE_stats > No. of entered courses
Total courses entered into on-course between May 2011 and August 2012.
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Most popular and successful distance learning courses in Life Sciences & Biomedicine.
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You are looking for courses in your national language.
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Number of PhD programmes by Country
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The total number of visits since 1 March 2012.
analytics ON-COURSE_analytics > An on-course a Day
Visits over the time from 8 July to 15 August 2012:
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on-course® App - What's new in Version 1.1
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Keywords for web search and useful links:
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Just Drag & Drop > Solution.
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The graphs and downloads for on-course® presentations.
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