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EMTRAIN (European Medicines Research Training Network)



EUPATI (European Patients Academy on Therapeutic Innovation)
The 'European Patients Academy on Therapeutic Innovation' aims to educate patient advocates and lay public about therapeutic innovation.

IMI will fund this patient-led consortium to develop the 'European Patients' Academy on Therapeutic Innovation' (EUPATI). From 2012, the academy will educate patient representatives and the lay public on personalised and predictive medicine, design and conduct of clinical trials, drug safety and risk/benefit assessment, pharmaco-economics as well as patient involvement in drug development.

EUPATI will provide educational material in six European languages targeting eleven European countries.


Eu2P (European Programme in Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology) establishes a European private and academic partnership to fill in training needs in pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology for specialists and non-specialists. Eu2P has developed an educational curriculum ranging from PhD and Master degrees to Certificates with a high level of excellence including innovative and interactive e-learning tools. First courses have started in 2011.

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Pharmaceutical Medicines Training Programme

PharmaTrain (Pharmaceutical Medicines Training Programme) fosters the overall understanding and competence for successful execution of integrated drug development and life-cycle management of medicines through frontier training methods and programme content. PharmaTrain has identified existing needs and builds and implements new training programmes in pharmaceutical medicine/drug development sciences as well as drug regulatory sciences. First courses have started in 2010.
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 (European Modular Education and Training Programme in Safety Sciences for Medicines) develops and delivers a pan-European education and training programme on drug safety emphasizing integrative and translational aspects lacking largely in today's educational programmes. The programme aims at delivering a new breed of drug safety scientists embracing new technologies to enhance innovative approaches to drug discovery and development. First courses have started in 2010.
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SafeSciMET provides Course modules on drug safety sciences across Europe