IMI Education and Training, under the lead of EMTRAIN, organised the second LifeTrain Workshop entitled "Shaping a common framework for CPD in medicines research & development". The workshop was hosted by UCB in Brussels on 20-21 November 2012.

LifeTrain represents an idea whose time has come. More than 50 stakeholder representatives of European professional/scientific bodies, employers, course providers and relevant other bodies and organisations attended the workshop. The workshop was designed to share the vision, revise the stakeholder charters and plan for implementation. EMTRAIN could not achieve this alone but the combined efforts of all involved, has created an unstoppable force – a snow ball effect which is gathering momentum.

group picture_small

The following workshop documents are available:
- Agenda
- List of participants
- List of abbreviations
- LifeTrain framework document (version 17 January 2013)
- LifeTrain concept paper

Day 1:
- Introduction to UCB
- LifeTrain Workshop II imagining
- Education and Training from the IMI perspective
- The journey so far
- IMI common quality standards for CPD
- Update on on-course®
- Introduction to the break-out sessions
- How does the individual fit in?

Break-out group 1:
Professional/scientific bodies
Break-out group 2:
Break-out group 3:
Course providers
Royal Society of Chemistry
European Biotechnology Network
Kings College
Forum Institute for Management
Hibernia College Dublin

Day 2:
- Final Reveiw of draft charters (version 17 January 2013)
- ESFRI-BMS as use case
- Keynote speech: New education and training technologies