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Welcome to the 5th edition of inside_ON-COURSE.
This month we present the first statistics of Short courses (CPD) which comply with our IMI Quality Criteria → statistics. In the Q&A section we give a short description of on-course interactive search and additionally an example of search with added value. The next generation on-course: what is it about? Curios? Become an on-course® reader and not just a web scanneranalytics, continue sharing your on-course® experience to social networking sites → share.
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statistics ON-COURSE_stats > no. of entered courses by course type
Total courses entered during the last twelve months (Nov 2011 - Oct 2012).
statistics ON-COURSE_stats > overview
Compact but still very informative overview graph - October 2012.
statistics EUROPEAN_UNIVERSITIES > Genetics and genomics courses
Genetics and genomics courses. on-course® database contains about 991 courses for this scientific area:
statistics ON-COURSE_CPD > quality criteria
Criteria for evaluating the quality of Short courses (CPD).
analytics ON-COURSE_analytics > visitors overview
Visits, unique visitors, average visit duration, and bounce rate since 1 March 2012.
analytics ON-COURSE_long-term analytics
Long-term analytics, March - September 2012.
analytics ON-COURSE_analytics > bounce rate
Are we on-course® readers or on-course® scanners ?
app for mobile phones
on-course app ON-COURSE_app > upGREATed & up-2-date
on-course® App! Ready for new iOS and new Android OS!
questions & answers
search ON-COURSE_interactive search & navigation
on-course® interactive search and navigation
navigation ON-COURSE_navigation with added value
How scientific area Genetics and genomics is related to therapeutic area Paediatrics ?
all graphs
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