inside_ON-COURSE Report, December 2012 •
Total number of entered biomedical courses [guess the number]:
  • 2286 Master programmes ...
    • ... from more than 30 countries have been covered.
    • taughtresearch
  • 1002 PhD programmes...
    • ... for the following countries have been entered:
    • Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Netherlands Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom
  • 1487 Short courses (CPD) ...
Published and available for all course seekers [guess the number]:
  • Masters PhDs CPDs
    taught research

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Welcome to the 7th edition of inside_ON-COURSE .
This time we offer you a little bit more interaction. At the top you will find moving lines with updates where you can guess the latest course numbers entered by course providers and by the maintenance team or published and searchable for all course seekers. In statistics we ask you to help us with arranging the country flags according to the number of courses in descending or ascending order. The interactive map ON-COURSE_Poland helps you to find the higher education institutions in Poland which offer biomedical courses. Here we have placed information on how to become an on-course® course provider with a direct link to the registration page. Even our mobile app helps us carry out the gap analysis. In this edition we highlight the small number of countries we haven't yet covered. And last but not least find out what this month's greeting is by clicking the words in the correct order.

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  • Tony Payton (University of Manchester) UK
  • Pavel Dallakian (Medical University of Vienna) Austria
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Number of face-to-face Short courses (CPD) by Country > last update: 13th Dec 2012
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Short courses (CPD) starting in 1st Quarter 2013 > last update: 13th Dec 2012
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ON-COURSE_Poland - Higher education institutions in Poland
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How to become an on-course® Course provider?
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Gap analysis - no entered courses for only few locations.
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