inside_ON-COURSE Report, May 2013

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Welcome to the on-course® newsletter with statistics, analytics and more from the webportal with more than 5000 (5K+) entered biomedical courses. The number of the online searchable programmes and short courses is about 4.600. The 11th edition of inside_ON-COURSE presents the basic statistical analysis regarding courses, course providers, course locations etc. We start with the column chart at the top which contains the number of Master programmes, PhD programmes and Short courses (CPD) in on-course® database as well as the number of new courses per month for the last 12 months. This edition's Statistics section deals with tagging of the Master and PhD programmes as well as of the Short courses (CPD) with the scientific and therapeutic areas.
In our Service section the Short courses (CPD) starting in the summer months June, July and August 2013 have been listed.
Finally, in the Share section we want to share with you a collection of short videos which introduce some learning tools from the EMTRAIN WP8 repository. Give us your feedback and share with us the links to your favourite youtube videos by adding the name of the particular learning tool or teaching method.
Editorial office:
  • Tony Payton (University of Manchester) UK
  • Pavel Dallakian (Medical University of Vienna) Austria
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statistics Programmes and courses vs. scientific areas
The number of Master programmes, PhD programmes and Short courses (CPD) by scientific area.
statistics Programmes and courses vs. therapeutic areas
The number of Master programmes, PhD programmes and Short courses (CPD) by therapeutic area.
analytics Visits, Unique visitors, Pageviews @
Does the time matter in web services? We compare April 2013 with April 2012!
analytics Site Content Overview
The most accessed courses and course providers' pages in April and May ...
analytics We've been asked for this - Analytics for Portugal
The analytics for Portugal since 1 January 2013 > last update: 11 May 2013.
calendar Short courses (CPD) calendar @
Short courses (CPD) starting in summer months 2013 > last update: 20 May 2013
app for mobile phones
on-course app ON-COURSE_app > downloads
Number of on-course® mobile app downloads.
all graphs
Share Getting to know videos
How well do you know the learning tools? Find underneath our collection of introduction videos.