inside_ON-COURSE Report, July 2013

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Despite the summertime "...and the livin' is easy..." the number of entered courses on the platform is growing steadily. Our users can now select from more than 4.800 online searchable Master programmes, PhD programmes and short courses for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). To show the growth trends of the on-course® catalogue during the last twelve months we've slightly changed this edition's column chart at the top. Whilst our catalogue of Master programmes is almost comprehensive, the number of short courses has grown more than any other course type and we estimate that it will start to level off about five thousand courses.
The 12th edition of inside_ON-COURSE introduces for the first time the question and answer (Q&A) box within the statistics section. We'll continue answering interesting questions by analysing on-course® data as well as continue discussing new ideas regarding the further development of our biomedical course catalogue. For free Master or PhD programmes, is it realistic and affordable for the universities? How much are free short courses (CPD) worth?
In our Service section you will find the the short courses (CPD) in English and other European languages starting in September 2013. In the Share section the LinkedIn group statistics are presented.

Editorial office:
  • Tony Payton (University of Manchester) UK
  • Pavel Dallakian (Medical University of Vienna) Austria
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