inside_ON-COURSE Report, September 2013
Estimating the no. of entered courses.

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The average numbers of the new courses per month for the last twelve months (on-course® statistics) were 33 Master programmes, 10 PhD Programmes and 43 Short courses (CPD). Using these numbers we built three interactive gauges (see above) showing the interpolated numbers of entered courses. Now you can make a rough estimation about the number of entered courses on the platform by type. The month values can be calculated for each month up to September 2014. Our users can now select from more than 5200 online searchable Master programmes, PhD programmes and short courses for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). As you can see the platform course count is positive as well as predictable. So, you can count on us!
The feature of this month's edition of inside_ON-COURSE is a reading options selector. Click on the checkboxes and select your personal reading options by clicking on the 'show' button. We'll continue answering interesting questions by analysing on-course® data as well as continue discussing new ideas regarding the further development of our biomedical course catalogue.
In our Service section you will find the short courses (CPD) in English and other European languages starting in October 2013.

Editorial office:
  • Tony Payton (University of Manchester) UK
  • Pavel Dallakian (Medical University of Vienna) Austria
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