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Welcome [bem-vindo, bem-vinda] to the 6th edition of inside_ON-COURSE .
on-course® is proving an incredibly powerful tool which not only enables the most comprehensive search for courses in Europe but which also provides a fascinating statistical overview of education and training in Europe. This month we focus on the duration of CPDs, masters and PhDs →stats. How many master courses can be completed in a year? Are all full time PhDs 3 years? How many one day CPDs are there? This month we’ve had over 1000 unique users look at →analytics. We want to see this reach the tens of thousands by next year so please make an effort to spread the word. Even at this early stage we are by far the most comprehensive site for postgraduate biomedical courses and we’re the only site to add quality standards. Once course seekers hear about us they won’t want to go anywhere else.
Finally, please take a minute to register on and join in the discussions on the forum. Our readers have come to expect to learn about on-course® stats and analytics. In this edition we continue talking about the useful things that make on-course even more attractive. on-course® services we could offer →service: share your needs on on-course® forum, vote on LinkedIn pools →share. Look at on-course cloud, which can be interpreted as biomedical education cloud, internet services, and research and job marketplace for young professionals to be successful in Development of New Medicines. Have you ever seen your career education, job, continuing professional development in Medicines' Development as a Life Long Project (LLP)? If yes, we will invent for you a Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) tool and introduce it as an on-course® service.

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  • Tony Payton (University of Manchester) UK
  • Pavel Dallakian (Medical University of Vienna) Austria
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statistics ON-COURSE_Masters > programme duration
Planning Masters study in Europe and receiving Masters degree?
statistics ON-COURSE_PhD > programme duration
"post Masters" ? PhD programme in Life Sciences as a main educational step ...
stats ON-COURSE_CPD > course duration
Continuing Professional Education: how short are on-course® Short courses (CPD)?
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All in one graph: visits, unique visitors, avg. visit duration, and bounce rate.
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Page titles of the 100 most viewed pages: static pages, course providers, and courses.
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Short courses (CPD) starting in December 2012
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ON-COURSE_Portugal - Higher education institutions in Portugal
app for mobile phones
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on-course® App! Screenshots November 2012
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