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Welcome to the 4th edition of inside_ON-COURSE.
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No slowdown on the number of entered courses.
The section 'no of entered courses' has become permanent in our reports and reveals a constant increase of approximately 200 courses per month. This trajectory is expected to level off sometime in 2013 when the on-course® rocket finally leaves the atmosphere and reaches its destination of being "fully comprehensive". We also provide a new compact form for course type, status and language statistics with emphasis on the importance of English (in course descriptions, in the list of scientific and therapeutic areas, etc.) which has become the de facto language of life sciences and biomedical research.
We've been deliberately compiling lists of European Universities in different contexts: top universities in 2nd edition, courses in national languages in the 3rd edition as this increases the web ranking of on-course®. In this edition readers will find the compiled list of 'Drug discovery' courses. This scientific area listed under on-course search options 'Scientific and Therapeutic areas' is at the same time the first section in PharmaTrain Syllabus and IFAPP Syllabus for Postgraduate courses in Pharmaceutical Medicine. The IMI - Introduction Video (see useful links) again demonstrates the importance of academic scientific research in this area.

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Total courses entered between December 2011 and September 2012.
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English has become the de facto language of life sciences and biomedical research.
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Drug discovery vs in-silico drug design. Traditional pharmaceutical research vs cheminformatics.
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Long-term analytics, March - August 2012.
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Where do on-course returning visitors come from?
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