The EMTRAIN 2011 External Advisory Board focused on three main topics: on-course®, "LifeTrain" and public-private-partnership PhD programmes.

  • Tiina Koivisto
  • Hans Linden
  • Zdravko Lacković

  • Anita Aperia
  • Andre Nieoullon

  • Eero Vuorio
  • Michael Mulvany

  • Mike Hardman
  • Peter Dukes
  • Dagmar Friese
The EMTRAIN 2011 External Advisory Board took place in Helsinki on 18 October 2011. Nine EMTRAIN Consortium members benefited from stimulating discussions with seven of the EMTRAIN external advisors who spent a full day with us to provide their input on three main topics. Our advisors were presented the launch version of on-course®. They provided encouraging comments about the potential overall role which this on-line platform could gain. The presentation of "LifeTrain", the EMTRAIN/IMI Education & Training initiative for CPD (continuous professional development) in life-long learning, lead to motivating discussions about quality of CPD, CPD currency as well as relevant stakeholder engagement. We benefited greatly from advice for EMTRAIN's public-private-partnership PhD initiative which will be launched with a Pilot PhD Workshop in February 2012. We thank our advisors for the motivation and inspiration we have got. We also greatly thank our wonderful host: Tiina Koivisto and Orion Pharma.
Agenda EAB Meeting Helsinki, October 2011

For more detail, please find below links to meeting report and to the presentations (pdf):