The IMI JU has revised its model grant agreement. This revision was approved by the IMI Governing Board on 30 April 2012 and signed by the EMTRAIN coordinator, EMTRAIN managing entity and the IMI executive officer in June and July 2012.

The changes introduced are as follows:

Article II.4.1.d)iii): Cash contributions by EFPIA companies to participants that are not eligible for IMI funding will be now considered as part of the EFPIA in-kind contribution.

Article II.15.3: From now on, an entity that loses its beneficiary status during an IMI project will still be eligible to receive IMI funding until the end of the project. This will not apply if the entity becomes dependent from an EFPIA company as its contribution will be counted as part of the EFPIA in-kind contribution. 

Form C for EFPIA companies: possibility to report non EU in kind contributions (in kind contribution for research activities conducted outside a Member State or an associated country).

Form D: Clarifications have been introduced with regard to the procedures to be performed by auditors when certifying financial statements, especially for actual or average personnel costs. 

Costs incurred by EFPIA companies outside European Member States or countries associated to the Seventh Framework Programme (‘Non-EU in-kind’) may be considered as "in kind contribution" when agreed by IMI JU Governing Board based on one of the following approaches:
- General approach: A maximum limit of 10% per project applies within a global cap at programme level of 5% of the total committed EFPIA in- kind contribution.
- For special projects derived from topics of interest for EU citizens that will benefit European academics and SMEs, where there are few EFPIA research capacities in Europe while academic research is strong or substantially developed in Europe and, in particular research into rare diseases or disease areas of high public interest where creation of a critical mass of research is needed. There is no maximum limit of 10% per project but a global cap at the IMI programme level of 30% of the total committed EFPIA in -kind contribution shall apply.

(© Georges Divaris, e-mail, June 7th, 2012)

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