10.11.2014 - The new on-course® is more powerful, faster and easier to use.

The on-course® team are very pleased to announce that today sees the launch of a major upgrade of the on-course® course portal. The completely revised on-course® is faster to use and has a number of new features to make the site more effective and convenient for both course seekers and providers. A newly designed front-end look and feel of the on-course® website complements the significant technical improvement in the background.

The new features include:

  • New search filters
  • An automated search option
  • Bookmarking option for courses and course providers
  • Geographical search with Google maps
  • Course statistics and demand areas sections

In addition, course providers can benefit from:

  • More intuitive course entry and editing
  • Ability to save data at any point
  • Live automated course updates using XCRI

During the updating process, which took more than a year, the on-course® database system has been converted to the XCRI course data format which is currently developing into a European standard.

Visit www.on-course.eu to explore the all-new on-course®.


General information on on-course®

on-course® is the most comprehensive biomedical and medicines research and development postgraduate course portal in Europe. It offers access to short courses (CPD), Master and PhD programmes offered in the EU and associated countries. Searching and advertising courses in on-course® is free of charge.

on-course® has been developed as part of the European Union's Innovative Medicines Initiative Joint Undertaking (IMI JU). The on-course® platform is powered by the European Medicines Research Training Network (EMTRAIN).