17.02.2016 - The European online portal for biomedical courses continues to grow.

This week the number of courses entered in on-course®, Europe’s most comprehensive biomedical courses database, has exceeded 7,000. A big ‘Thank You’ to the dedicated team of curators and to all of on-course®’s partners and users.

on-course® is the most comprehensive  biomedical postgraduate course portal in Europe. The portal provides access to a wide selection of courses and levels in the biomedical sciences, ranging from short courses for continuing professional development (CPD), to Master and PhD programmes. Focusing on courses in research and development it helps thousands of biomedical course seekers to succeed and meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs of the biomedical industry.


on-course® has been conceived and implemented by the EMTRAIN project team. EMTRAIN, together with the IMI-funded projects Eu2P, PharmaTrain and SafeSciMET, is part of imi-train, the umbrella education and training project funded by IMI.